Our Fees Explained

The following are descriptions of the applied fees/charges that you will come across in your dealings with Bibby Financial Services.

Factoring Fee:

This is the fee charged for the sales ledger administration that we perform on your account. Essentially it covers all of the collections work including the processing of invoices and chasing of debtors etc. This is charged as a percentage of the invoice schedule that we receive.

Please note this charge does not apply on credit note schedules.

Discount Fee: 

This charge is calculated on the amount of money that we advance to you. It is charged on the cleared current account balance and is calculated at the agreed margin above LIBOR, which is the inter-bank rate. The rate that the banks borrow from each other.  

Re-Factoring Charge: 

This is a fee charged for continuing to chase invoices that exceed the date outlined in your agreement with us. A percentage of the total invoice value will be charged on a monthly basis until invoice payment is received.

Trust Account Charge: 

This is a fee for maintaining the Trust Account on a Confidential facility and is charged at a percentage of the money going through the account.


These are adhoc fees that may be incurred in certain circumstances, for example, Telegraphic Transfers (TT). The above charges will be shown as a separate total figure on your month end statement.

If you have any questions regarding the charges on your account please speak to your client manager who will be able to assist with any questions you may have.