About E3 - your online access

E3, is Bibby Financial Services fast, secure and easy to use online link which provides 24 hour access to your account information.

E3 enables you to upload your sales ledger information i.e. invoice, credit note, customer names and contact details directly from your accounting package via E3 to Bibby Financial Services. This ensures a fast and accurate transmission of data, which ultimately allows funding to be advanced to you more quickly.

Accessing E3

To access E3 simply click Client Access . Once you’re happy and have agreed to our Terms and Conditions you can log onto your account, where you will need to enter your user name and password.

E3 is divided into a number of functional sections which can be found listed across the top of the tool bar. There are however three main sections that I would like to draw your attention to, Accounts, Customers and Reports.


You will be able to access a range of account information from within this section of E3 including:

  • Account details – this displays details of your customers sales ledger, current available funds as well as an account summary and its status.
  • Cash list – this displays the actual amount of funds that have been paid into your account.
  • Upload schedules – to save rekeying data, schedules can be uploaded directly from your system to our server where we can import data directly to our systems ensuring a more accurate and faster service
  • Schedule list – a list of all the schedules entered and uploaded onto the system.


This section of E3 relates to information regarding your customers and includes:

  • Customer ledger – a list of open ledger items from your customers
  • Customer info – this provides detailed information about your customers, including contact details and amount of funds outstanding.
  • Upload customers - to save rekeying data, customer details can be uploaded directly to the system.


In addition to the above you can also produce a wide range of reports which can be emailed to you within minutes. The types of reports that you can produce include:

  • Cash Received
  • Client Statement
  • Aged Debt
  • Impending Disapproval
  • Disapprovals

Please refer to the ‘working with you’ section of Red Pages where you will find examples of the reports available via E3 with an explanation as to how they work.